Hypnotherapy for Phobias

Do you have a phobia of flying, spiders, heights or needles? Hypnotherapy can be very effective in treating phobias in just 4 sessions.

I use the rewind and reframe technique to treat phobias which is a process of changing a traumatic memory and turning it into an ordinary memory.

How the process works in 4 sessions:
  1. Initial Consultation Explanation of what is happening in our brain when we suffer from a specific phobia. The process of trance and its effects are explained and I will give you a copy of my Relaxation Track to take away with you which will help get you started straight away.
  2. Pre-wind Session  A relaxing session of hypnosis. The familiarisation of the process and how it feels encourages the trance state and aids its efficiency.
  3. Rewind In a safe and controlled hypnotic state, the memory of the traumatic event is explored. This process de-sensitises the event and vastly reduces the inappropriate response.
  4. Reframe This is when we introduce a new and appropriate response pattern. We are going to introduce a new calm and controlled frame of reference.
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