Weight Management

Do you struggle to control your eating and have tried lots of different diets but found they don’t work?

Diets only deal only with the symptom; they don’t deal with the problem of why we overeat. Weight loss and weight control are not about diet; it’s about our thought patterns, how our minds think about food on a subconscious level. What we eat, when we eat and why we eat are all down to our thought patterns.

Ultimately, eating fewer calories and burning more of those calories will result in weight loss. However, a sole focus on eating less and exercising more might not be the solution. When we’re feeling better about ourselves, when we’re focused on what we want, rather than what we don’t want, and when we’re starting to take part in activities that make us feel good, then we reduce the harmful effects of stress which is linked to our eating patterns. If we are less stressed and feeling more in control, then we open up the possibility of making the necessary lifestyle and behavioural changes needed for weight loss.

By focusing on how we will feel when we’ve lost weight and differences that will make, we create a powerful picture in our mind of what we want to achieve. This is where hypnotherapy for weight loss is such a powerful tool. I can use it to help you visualise:

  • a life in which we are no longer overweight
  • how you will feel physically and mentally when the weight is gone
  • how you will feel having achieved our goal, which will further motivate you to achieve other goals you  set yourself
  • what you will be able to do having lost the weight
  • any other differences losing weight will make to your life.

Contact me to discuss how hypnotherapy can help you to have more control in managing your weight and learn more about how your brain lets you overeat.
I now offer group weight management sessions online over four sessions. Please contact me for details of the next start date.